General Procedure for Commodities

- Iron Ore
- Manganese
- Manganese Ore
- Pig Ore
- Chrome Ore
- Sugar ICUMSA 45/100/200/400/1200
- for other other minerals, please consult us


The price depends largely on the order quantity, current market and mining situation which varys buyer to buyer.


Contract Period:
Minimum 12 months.


Payment options:
1) 100% payments - FFDLC or SBLC or BG at Sight, covered for 12 months in the value of total annual contract, confirmed by top 25 world banks.

2) Partial Payments - BG by confirmed by top 25 world banks for 4 months and rest FFRDLC confirmed by top 25 world banks.



1) Agree prices and shipment period in principal.

2) Buyer issues LOI with soft probe permission OR LOI + BCL

3) Seller perform their diligence on buyer's LOI + BCL

4) Upon satisfaction seller requests buyer's portfolio, passport copies, irrevocable declaration and any other document requested by the seller.

5) Once all documents checked and satisfy seller, seller will then issues FCO

6) Buyer sign, seal and return FCO

7) Seller issues draft contract to buyer for signature and seal

8) Once signed contract received from buyer seller will sign and seal and return a copy to buyer.

9) Buyer and Seller present their contracts to their banks.

10) Within 3 (three) banking days, buyer bank sends a non operative FFSBLC or BG for total shipment value to the seller's bank.

11) Within 48 hours seller's bank sends proof of products (POP) + PB 2% via swift bank to bank methods to the buyer's bank.

12) FFSBLC or BG becomes operative

13) Shipment take place.