Trusted Trading Co., has many years of experience in Fabric market. Every month almost all kinds of kinds are imported and exported to and from Chinese market and are exported to USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Pakistan, Iran, Korea, India and etc. through us.

Our fabric range includes but not limited to Fabric, Cloth, Percale, Chambray, Twill, Aba, Acrylic, Aertex, Alpaca, Baize, Basket Weave, Batik, Batiste, Belting, Boucle, Broadcloth, Brocade, Buckram, Bunting, Calico, Cambric, Camel's Hair, Camouflage, Canopy, Canvas, Cerecloth, Challis, Chambray, Chenile, Chiffon, Chino, Chintz, Cotton Sheeting, Cotton Flannel, Crepe, Cretonne, Crinoline, Damask, Denim,  Diamonte, Diaper, Dimity, Doeskin, Drapery, duck, Duffle, Elastic, Etamin, Faille, Felt, Flannel, Fleece, Foulard, Frieze, Fustian, Garbadine, Georgette, Gingham, Grogram, Grosgrain, Haircloth, Herringbone, Homespun, Hopsack, Horesehair, Khaki, Knitted, Lace, Lame, Leather, Linen, Linsey-Woosley, Lint, Lisle, Mackinaw, Macintosh, Madras, Marseille, Mohair, Moire, Watered Silk, Moleskin, Monk's Cloth, Moquette, Moreen, Motley, Mousseline De Sole, Muslin, Nankeen, Net, Mesh, Ninon, Nylon, Oilcloth, Olive Drab, Organza, Paisley, Panting, Pepper and Salt, Percale, Permanent Press Fabric, Pilot, Pigue, Plush, Polyester, Pongee, Poplin, Print, Quilting, Rayon, Rep, Sack, Sail, Samite, Sateen, Satin, Screening, Scim, Seersucker, Serge, Shag, Shantung, Sharkskin, Sheeting, Shirting, Shirttail, Silesia, Silk, Spandex, Sponge, Stammel, Suede, Suiting, Swan's Down, Taffeta, Tammy, Tapa, Tapestry, Tartan, Plaid, Terry, Ticking, Tweed, Twill, Upholstery, Velcro, Velours, Velvet, Velveteen, Vicuna, Viyella, Voile, Waterproof, Web, Webbing, Whipcord, Wincey, Wire, Wool, Wrosted and Yoke.